#Smiley360 7th Generation Energy Smart Laundry Detergent Review

Have you heard about Smiley360 yet? No? Well you HAVE to check it out! It’s an absolutely FREE program where you get to try out great products simply for giving honest feedback and sharing with your friends and family. Click HERE for more info and to get started!

My current mission from Smiley360 is from 7th Generation. I received a coupon for a FREE full-size bottle of 7th Gen’s Energy Smart laundry detergent. I must say, I’m very picky about laundry detergents. It needs to do an amazing job, be cost effective, and easy on those of us who are sensitive to smells. 7th Gen fits the bill for all of these.

7th Gen #Smiley360

The scent is negligible. And I personally love that. My clothes just smell clean, not perfumey. I also love that 7th Gen is making an impact by using environmentally friendly cleaning agents, everything is naturally derived – can you say LOVE!? I’m so tired of the chemical overload that invades our homes and lives every day, it feels good to use a laundry detergent that is making a positive impact in this area.

So if you’re looking for a great new detergent to try, I recommend giving 7th Gen a shot. And if you go HERE you can get a coupon for $2 off your purchase!



Coconut Flour Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I am a Coconut Flour newbie. I’ve heard about it. I’ve wondered about it. And now I have finally experienced it for myself. There’s a lot of mixed reviews out there when it comes to coconut flour recipes. I spent literally hours today looking over different coconut flour recipes which resulted in an inexplicable amount of excitement and fear. I really hate wasting my time and ingredients (which translates as $$) so I was extremely hesitant to jump in to any recipe. After perusing countless websites, I ventured out to the store and invested in a bag of King Arthur’s coconut flour. I then proceeded to return home and… look at more recipes. I finally landed on a recipe from The Ambitious Kitchen. The reason I chose this recipe was 1 – great reviews – yes, there was the interspersed negative comment here and there, but overwhelmingly people were happy with their results. And 2 – I loved that she had all sorts of substitutions. I am not ready to buy a gazillion weird ingredients (at least weird to me at this point) that I may only use once, the coconut flour was as deep into the water of alternative food that I wanted to go.

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Crafting with Airheads

I love Smiley360! If you’ve never heard of it, you should seriously check it out. It’s a great way to sample new products and give your thoughts and opinions. This past week we were on a mission to craft with Airheads. I did this activity with my two youngest kiddos. Admittedly, they were mostly excited to try all the Airhead flavors. ūüôā

Airheads Galore!

Airheads Galore!

We tried a couple of different things with the airheads. First we tried rolling them out to make ‘pizza toppings’ for our sugar cookies. This was not easy, I had to do it for my kids. My son cut up the appropriate airheads for the peppers and cheese after I had rolled them thinner – again, not easy. But they turned out cute.

Sugar cookies rounds with airhead toppings to look like pizza.

Sugar cookies rounds with airhead toppings to look like pizza.

Then my son really wanted to make the rainbow bracelet that was shown in the packaging directions. He liked it, but this was not something that was going to make it beyond our kitchen counter.
Airhead rainbow bracelet

Finally I just let them go at it and they had fun coming up with their own creations. My son made some Pokemon thing and my daughter had fun making a little girl, who eventually evolved into a witch once she added the broom.

The little girl before she found accessories.

The little girl before she found accessories.

And the final products – not sure I would think of airheads for my next crafting/baking project – it’s not the easiest to work with – but my kids sure had fun!

Little girl with broom and some sort of flying pet.

Little girl with broom and some sort of flying pet.

Pokemon airhead

Pokemon airhead

Do you want to try using Airheads in your tasty creations? Check out this link and find inspiration and opportunities for you to share your masterpieces! http://landing.smiley360.com/airheadscrafts/index.htm

What Do You Smell Experiment and Primary Colors Lady Bug Art

Happy Fall!

After a 2 week vacation to the hot and humid South, it’s good to be back home in the land of 4 seasons. Although, it can be difficult to get back in to the swing of things with school. In Science we’ve been learning about our 5 senses and today we focused on the sense of smell. We watched an episode of Magic School Bus – (Season 4 episode 10 – The Magic School Bus Makes a Stink) . Then we did a little experiment using our sniffers. I poured small amounts of 4 different liquids into 4 different cups and then had my daughter take a whiff and tell me what she smelled. She tried to guess what the liquid was and filled out a worksheet that I created and you can download here —->¬†What Do You Smell Experiment.¬†What Do You Smell Experiment.docx Continue reading

What Did You Say!? Part 2

Yesterday I shared about my little negative self-talk episode. If you missed it, you can read it HERE.¬†Today I want to encourage you with some ways you can replace that negative talk. After all, you can’t just stop the negative talk, you have to replace it with something, otherwise, eventually, the bad will return.

So how should we talk to ourselves? Do we walk around thinking we’re all that? Do we load up the compliment machine and fire at will? Do we try and just step it up a notch, you know, instead of saying, ‘you’re so fat and ugly!’ we say, ‘at least you’re not as fat as so and so and your hair is hiding your double chin today’. I don’t think any of these are the right things either.

I believe that we need to line our thoughts and words up with God’s thoughts and words. He is the One who made us, I think that makes Him the Expert on me and you. What does God say about us? Let’s take a look…

You are wonderfully made – Psalm 139:14

You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus – 2 Corinthians 5:21

You are a vessel of honor – 2 Timothy 2:21

You are strengthened by God – 2 Timothy 4:17

You have a new name – Psalm 62:2

God delights in you! – Psalm 62:4

God rejoices over you! – Psalm 62:5

This is just the tip of the iceberg! The bible is full of verses that tell us who we are in Christ! How great is that!? So if you don’t know who you are or you’ve been confused as to who you are, get out your bible and find out who you really are! I am not the vile and hateful words I have thrown at myself. I am a child of the most high God, dearly beloved and precious to Him. I am the apple of His eye, the joy of His heart and the product of His imagination. And so are you!

Psalm 34:1 tells us,

“I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

To that I would like to add in my mind as well. According to this verse, there is no room for negative self-talk because it doesn’t bless God, it doesn’t praise Him. If my kids made me a picture and I repeatedly told them it was ugly, awful, disgusting, it would outright break their hearts. Is God any different? He made you and me. He imagined every little detail to the flecks of color in your eyes to the freckle on your toe. He chose the tone of your voice, the size of your femur, the shape of your earlobe. There isn’t a single detail that He overlooked and just slapped together. You are the product of a meticulously thought out, lovingly crafted and expertly finished plan.

God paints a new sunset every single day and each one is breathtakingly beautiful, no two are the same. He has chosen to make only one of each of us for all of eternity. To me, that says a lot about how God views us and how backwards we view ourselves. You, my friend, are more lovely than a sunset, more beautiful than a rainbow and more precious than all the cocoa beans on the planet (or diamonds, you know, whatever gets the point across). Isn’t it time we started talking to ourselves and thinking of ourselves in view of that truth?

More beautiful than a sunset copy

What Did You Say!?

Saturday I didn’t stay within my 0-5 boundaries. I pretty much did what I wanted, I lived on my terms. On Sunday morning I woke up early to get ready for church and I was crabby. I mean, get out of my way and leave me alone crabby. As I was brushing my hair and trying to pull it back for the fifth time I suddenly heard this hateful voice.

mouth yelling

“You’re so ugly! I can’t believe you, you’re pathetic, a grown woman and you can’t even get your hair to look half-way decent! None of your friends have this problem, I mean, have you seen the selfies on facebook? They all look amazing…all the time. There’s a reason you don’t post pictures like that, it’s because you look awful!”

I stopped and realized that was MY voice I was hearing. It wasn’t audible, it was in my head, in my heart and it was so disgusting. Why was I saying this? What’s my problem!?

I was angry. Very angry with myself for having messed up the day before. And now I was taking it out on myself by being mean and hateful. Instead of building myself up, I was tearing myself down. Instead of believing that this slip-up wasn’t fatal and moving on, I was acting like I had undone everything God had been doing in me.

If I were to stop for a moment and imagine Jesus talking with me about what had happened on Saturday, do I think for one second that He would’ve said to me what I was saying to myself? No. So why did I think it was ok for me to talk that way?

In the Thin Within workbook, they give a definition of honor, fittingly, I read it Sunday after my little talk. It says to honor is to: “manifest the highest respect and reverence for, in words and actions, to entertain the most exalted thoughts of”. Now, let’s put that in perspective with 1 Corinthians 6:20

“you were bought at a price. Therefore honor (manifest the highest respect and reverence for, in words and actions, entertain the most exalted thoughts of) God with your bodies.”

I believe that honoring God with our bodies, means honoring our bodies. I believe God does not want us having negative and hateful self-talk. I say this because of what Ephesians 4:29 says,

“Do not let any¬†unwholesome¬†talk¬†come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”


Everything that comes out of our mouths originates in our minds and hearts, so I think it’s safe to say that this verse applies to the spoken and unspoken word. We must watch how we talk to and think about ourselves.

The next time you catch yourself thinking or saying something about yourself, ask if it falls into Ephesians 4:29 criteria –

1 – Is it wholesome? (conducive to or suggestive of good health and well-being)

2 – Does it build you up?

3 – Does it benefit you? (Does it encourage you and spur you on in Christ?)

If you can’t say yes to all three of these, then I would say you need a conversation with God and ask if these are His thoughts toward you. And if it’s not what HE thinks about you then it’s not what YOU should think about you!

Come back tomorrow and I’ll share some tools you can use for the negative talk battle.

Unwholesome Talk copy